People are interested in small stories now because of the media. Before it was newspapers and television. Now it’s more about Twittering small moments. It’s similar to the way I think about design.
— Oki Sato

I'm JP.

I'm sculptor and toy designer working for Playmonster Toys in Beloit, Wisconsin. 

Since I was young, art and design have always really interested me. Searching for a way to practically apply my interest in design I stumbled into Industrial Design and I've loved it ever since.

 I want to make things that give people those "Aha!" moments we all seek -- things people love. Recently, this passion has manifested in a deep interest in toys and children's products. The big kid in my heart loves the fascinating freedom that comes with toys and injecting fun in my work is increasingly of interest to me.

Languages are also a passion of mine. I speak English and French, and I'm learning Japanese. 
I like reading, digital illustration and sculpting, and sweet potato fries.

I hope to get to know you too!